LAFuturA art intervention

I was invited to participate in a group show at LaFuturA espai de creació this past July (2015) .

The group show , under the name "El que hem vist", featured twelve other artists that have to paint on the wall of this special place is LaFuturA.

The experience had been a thrill from the moment of its start to its very end. I couldn't expect it to be so empowering, so emotionally enriching, so great.

Meeting new illustrators from my hometown also had been triggering all kind of new emotions and motivations. It was so long I didn't do such a thing in my city, Barcelona.

After living abroad, I did have the opportunity to exhibit my recent works in a solo show, but this, this was something of its own kind.

Why? Because of its ephemeral concept, because for nearly two weeks we had the chance to paint the walls from scratch , side by side with other artists...

All in all, it was such a challenge and adventure. One of the challenges came from the fact we had to use only charcoal , or if required pastels!

For a person like me, quite anarchic when it comes to technicalities or how to define my own work, this proved to be an exercise of containing and letting go at the same time. If you can imagine what I am trying to say.

For those out there who are also unafraid of mixing techniques this was a blast. With only charcoal on raw painted concrete you are able to make so much. Surprisingly it is,  so much new tones appeared!

At the same time, it was a pleasure to be surrounded by as many amazing talented illustrators!

The source of inspiration for the art intervention is one of my paintings: "Cadmium mother". However, as also usual in these cases, the whole painting evolved in a way that I was literally wrapped in the new story. I couldn't explain where it came from. Sure it helped this special environment before mentioned.

The fear of being too constricted with only one "tool" , that is a sinlge bar of compressed charcoal, transformed into pure joy. I could had been doing this wall for days and days, and months.

During the opening of "El que hem vist" show.

Courtesy image by LaFuturA team.

"LafuturA" Gallery in Barcelona fourth edition of EL QUE HEM VIST, an ephemeral collective action

From July 13 until August 1 - 2015

Other participating artists: Arienne Faber, La Bàrbara, Joan Casaramona Gual, Juan Daniel González, Sol Domínguez, María Fructuoso, Ina Hristova, Juan Antonio López, Gaietà Mestieri Malaspina, Jaume Montserrat, Jerónimo de la Parra & Fèlix Zilinskas

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